Friday, October 5, 2012


Headdresses Worn by Native Americans

So what with AC III coming out, I’ve already seen some pictures of our half Native American protagonist depicted with a warbonnet (albeit he himself wasn’t wearing it). Unfortunately, the headdress we tend to associate with Native Americans, most commonly a feather warbonnet worn by tribes of the Great Plains, was not the headdress worn my Mohawks. Mohawk Native Americans were known to wear roach headdresses! These are headdresses comprised of animal hair, namely moose or deer hair, even porcupine spines, attached to a base of leather or bone. The hair stood up straight and resembles a mohawk, which is in fact, where the name mohawk originated.

The link will take you to a website page all about Native American headdresses and warbonnets. Though it is intended for children (and I still can’t figure out why entirely, the vocabulary and descriptions are incredibly thorough), it is very, very helpful in distinguishing the headdresses between Native American tribes. It provides great pictures and detailed explanations of what the headdresses look like, why they are worn, and who they are worn by. I would definitely recommend taking a look, whether you’re planning on drawing fanart or not. The headdresses are really beautiful and this is something good to know!

That’s very interesting, thank you. There seems to be a mistake about the “Mohawk heairstyle”, though. They say:

In some tribes, men wore their hair in a scalplock or crested roach style (frequently given the name Mohawk or Mohican after two tribes in which roached hair was common), and the artificial roach was attached to the man’s own hair. The Caddo man in the first picture is wearing his roach headdress this way.

But on Wikipedia I read:

Most people believe that the Mohawks, like some indigenous tribes in the Great Lakes region, sometimes wore a hair style in which all their hair would be cut off except for a narrow strip down the middle of the scalp from the forehead to the nape, that was approximately three finger widths across. However, the idea that Mohawks had “Mohawk hairstyles” is incorrect and came from Hollywood movies, particularly Drums Along the Mohawk. The true hairstyle of the Mohawk including the entire Six Nations was to remove the hair from the head by plucking (not shaving) tuft by tuft of hair until all that was left was a square of hair on the back crown of the head. The remaining hair was shortened so that three short braids of hair were created and those braids were highly decorated. This is the true “Mohawk” hairstyle and not the Hollywood version taken from the Pawnee.

I’m very ignorant about the subject so I can’t tell which version is correct.


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